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    Hi, the differences are.

    1) leaf missing on vegetable stand
    2) crack on the ice pond is missing
    3) right corner of the screen, looks like a "sausage" or wall is missing (3 on one pane and 2 on the other)
    4) box lock is missing near to telescope
    5) symbol on the sushi stand is different
    6) the snowmans hand is different
    7) light missing on Christmas tree (half way up)
    8) potato missing in left field
    9) leaf on the top poinsettia is different
    10) red bow and wreath is missing on fence

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    Box next to microscope has a line
    Missing wreath and bow on white fence
    Sushi logo on sushi bar
    Crack in pond
    An extra brick on the wall at the very top right corner
    Missing a piece of lights on the tree
    Snow mans hand has extra finger
    Extra leaf on top of salad bar stand
    Extra leaf on red plant by sushi bar
    Added a carrot (growing in the ground)

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    missing now on fence

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    1 Lampje kerstboom
    2 krans hek
    3 aardappel
    4 bloemetje, blaadje
    5 slot van doosje
    6 barst in ijs
    7 helemaal rechtsbovenhoek, steentje
    8 takje sneeuwpop
    9 blaadje aan saladebar
    10 rood stipje op sushibar

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    There is no difference

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    Holiday Differences

    1)Top poinsettia next to sushi stand has six petals
    2)Bottom poinsettia next to sushi stand has five petals
    3)Upper right hand corner on top has two little brown stones on road
    4)Bottom pic upper right hand corner has three little brown stones on road
    5)Top pic has no dot in the center of sushi sign
    6)Bottom pic has a dot in the center of sushi on the sign
    7)Top pic - Fourth strand on Christmas tree is missing a light
    8)Bottom pic - all lights are on strands
    9)Top pic - all wreaths have bows except one
    10)Bottom pic - two wreaths on fence do not have bows

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    Spot the difference answers

    1) red leaf on top potted plant
    2) red sushi centre on shop sign
    3) missing link in Christmas tree lights
    4) lock on treasure chest next to telescope
    5) bow on centre white fence, left end corner
    6) brick in wall top left
    7) crack in ice pond
    8) potato in top left field
    9) snowmans finger
    10) leaf on top of kitchen bottom right

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    Spot the Differences: Holiday Edition

    1) lock on chest
    2) left hand on snowman missing twig
    3) stone missing on creamery foundation
    4) missing wreath on fence
    5) missing poinsettia leaf (next to sushi stand)
    6) missing leaf on vine on salad bar
    7) garland on tree missing section
    8) missing potato in garden patch
    9) missing red dot in sushi on sushi stand sign
    10) crack on frozen pond differs

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    10 errors
    If does not work here's the link.

    As well as my written answers. All of these refer to the second (and flawed) picture.
    1 - The fence is missing a red bow.
    2 - The chest next to the telescope has some extra line as if it were the opening.
    3 - The house on the top has an extra brick.
    4 - The snowman is missing a finger on its left "arm" (from a normal point of view).
    5 - There's a crack in the frozen lake which is a bit bigger/longer/stretches further.
    6 - The sparkling on the Christmas Tree has an extra sphere/ball.
    7 - There's a leaf missing on the green plant on the working bench in the right corner.
    8 - There's some colorful dot on the roof "symbol" on the Sushi Bar (I hope you understand what I mean)
    9 - There's a red leaf missing on the plant to the left.
    10 - The potato crops have some extra dot (or seed) in the earth.

    *crosses fingers for good luck!*

    /Josie ~ Yunalescca

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