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Thread: I am mad

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    agree with the above assessment. you're trying too hard. just state what you offer and what you expect. i don't want to have to work logic games or wonder if you really mean what you say. make me excited to join you.

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    Just noticed the op's recruitment post says that he would also start a feeder with enough members... hmm a bit hypocritical much?

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    Our clan is now level 11 and we revived it from level 3 just under 2 years ago. It's a constant struggle to obtain good members and there are only a few originals left in our clan from our start. At the beginning we were small but we constantly posted on forums, global etc made sure our war rosters were good so our war log started to look solid. We trimmed excess and bad members and like someone said went for quality in general over quantity.

    Over time we started a discord server, joined community events whereby we met other clashers and sometimes gained one or 2 new recruits. Now we sit at 50 but even that can come and go as peoples lives change and their enthusiasm for the game comes and goes. Our biggest recruitment is our own members and we encourage our team to recruit friends or themselves as having 50 recruiters is a-lot more effective than just 1. And people are hesitant in general to invite ♥♥♥♥ players as it can reflect on them..

    There are so many good clans out there that people can find homes at. But there are also a-lot of ♥♥♥♥ ones. Strive to make yours a good friendly helpful clan and over time you should see a core develop and so your clan grow to first level 5 then the sort after level 10.

    Good luck.
    Clan Name: DV II, Clan Tag: #LUL2P9RG.
    Clan Details: Adult, English speaking, International Level 12 War Clan (3x weekly).
    Recruitment Thread:

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