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Thread: setting bountybout

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    you just wasted 2 seconds of your life reading this

    setting bountybout

    alright so i'm not a high level player so i don't know how this would look like at high levels .
    so, everybody knows there are 2 types of player in the game, farmers and trophy hunters (i know there are hybrids but yeah) and with this idea their would be a new sort of player so keep that in mind when leaving feedback

    now let's get to the actual idea: BOUNTY
    alright so you're attacked by a guy that raided a lot of trophy's/loot from you're base and you want it back so badly: why not set a bounty? so basically you have you're screen when you're attacked with the revenge button and stuff, so make a new button called set bounty.
    you set a bounty off let's say 20 trophy's if anyone attacks him via the bounty screen(i'll explain that soon) not regular attacking, that player get's te bounty and the person who sets the bounty get's a amount off his stolen loot back, this works the other way also: you set a bounty of loot and you get a amount off trophys back.

    now about the bounty screen: when you tap the trophy button with the best players and the best clans list, you also have a new screen called the bounty screen there are 50 bounty's available on you're screen these bountys are seperated per league(also spertaed per number , for example: silver 2 and silver1 don't have the same bounty screen) of course there are way more then 50 players in each league so it would be randomly generated as long as the bounty is within you're league.

    you also can set different bounty's for 1 star 2 star and 3 star;

    so thats it , i know it's a pretty long idea but hope you like it!
    ps: i know i am bad at english
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