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    Underwhelming response to the "arrival of summer" news...

    It's not surprising since we have not had any new "summer theme" decorations since I began farming in the spring of 2014. The same kiddy pool and picnic mat get trotted out each year. Yes, there are other items that are appropriate for summer like the beach chairs, sand castle, and other swimming pools that are available all year in the shop. There are other appropriate items like the camping equipment that have shown up as diamond deco offers. However, there has technically been nothing "new" for summer in five years.

    I don't feel strongly about different animal costumes. In fact, I would be afraid that the new costumes would be worse than the current ones. I'm in the "no costume" camp--I prefer my animals in their own natural state.

    I know that we have the Hay Day six-year birthday celebration coming up and that we will probably get an update sometime in the next month or so. The birthday is always fun and I appreciate all the work that the team puts into it. I imagine it is fun for the team, too!!

    I know we seem ungrateful when we whinge about not getting new things more regularly, but I really believe that it would help if a little bit of the graphic talent that goes into fabulous things like the new farmhouse options could be siphoned off to design one or two new decorative options for each season. We've listed tons of seasonal deco suggestions over the years. Just because we haven't been doing it lately doesn't mean we wouldn't still like to see them.

    This relates to the balance that I--and many others who post here in the forums--would like to see between fancy new bells and whistles and everyday improvements that may not be as glamorous, but are often more appreciated.
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