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Thread: TH10 and TH11 Inferno strategy

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    TH10 and TH11 Inferno strategy

    TLDR: After extensive testing I found multi target infernos to be far more useful than they're thought to be, and still are more effective than single targets.

    I made a forum post back in March regarding Infernos, I am now making a revised guide to reflect the current meta and why people are using infernos wrong based on their incorrect assumptions about them. I have done a long term test to determine the viability of Multiple target mode, Single target mode, or one of each, each tested on multiple bases at a variety of trophy ranges "From as low as crystal to as high as titans" and also in war, versus many many different armies, also over the course of 2 town hall levels "I started it as a th10 and now im well into th11" What I found will surprise a lot of people I am sure.

    First an evaluation of using single target mode on both infernos: Single targets would sometimes be useful for taking out a king or lava hound, but versus the damage dealing troops: Miners, witches, bowlers, loons, valks, etc, they were completely useless, it may charge up and kill one before going down to a swarm.

    One single one multi: This was far more effective than double single, the addition of the multi target helped to combat masses of troops, especially with a well designed base to force a heal prematurely the full force of the multi inferno did well, the main issue was the single inferno, although on occasion it would kill a high hp unit it was still just as vulnerable to swarms, and most times is was the multi doing all the work.

    Double multi: The success I had using dual multis was great. I found once I set both infernos to multi people started struggling far more then they used to with dual singles, a hound pops and boom no more pups, wizards or witches and their skeletons get melted, the list goes on, I found that even when people brought a heal they often had to use it before they reached the infernos, and when they did reach them they usually can only effectively heal through one if that, I found the same applied in war, I switched both to multi on my war base and people started messing up more often.

    So why is this happening? Before the changes, it was well known if you use singles you will get hit with swarms because they just cant keep up, it was irrelevent if it could kill a hero, a couple xbows or a tesla can do that just fine, the threat wasnt the golem it was the bowlers or etc it was tanking for, using singles was a signal to the enemy clan "PLEASE THREE STAR ME" the drawbacks were significant and the benefits negligible, but with multis there was much to boast about, yes it could help combat a queen walk but most competent players knew how to walk an inferno, it was usually an xbow or a group of archer towers that brought a queen to her knees, the main reason it was used was it was amazing at killing low to mid hp troops, The idea was that the multi was better suited to the vast majority of troops, the single was better versus a minority of troops "if it even got the chance to hit them", sure you could freeze an inferno and save your troops, but that didnt stop it from causing serious damage when unfrozen. So how does this compare to now? Statistically multis have been buffed "extra damage" and singles nerfed "take longer to charge to max damage" So without heals the winner is clear, but we do have heals, so what gives? simple, replace healing through an inferno with freezing through an inferno, all the heal is is a freeze spell with larger radius and lasts 2 seconds longer than a max freeze, so nothing has really changed other than the spell we use to counter the inferno, if they buffed freeze spells it would have had roughly the same effect, as when a freeze spell is down the inferno doesnt do anything either, which is why you should use multi target infernos, place your air defenses and air traps wisely and have good defense placement and you will defend queen walk just fine, setup the base to make for awkward pathing to the infernos and dont put them right next to each other,
    Multis didnt become less useful, people just thought they did. with a little base building strategy you can use multis very effectively, far more so than singles.

    Think about this, The multi inferno does more damage than, has greater range than, can hit more targets in its radius than, and fire more quickly and has more hp than a wizard tower at their th respective max levels, why arent people complaining about wizard towers then? they could always be healed through as well, yet they are known as a valuble defense. Imagine if when the multi target mode first came out they didnt add the healing block, I imagine multis would still have been recognized for how useful they are, and rightfully so.

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    I have designed my base around singles, with the sole intention of having the single infernos be an anti-tank weapon. This has worked wonderfully, with the two inferno islands always being bypassed by the wizards, bowlers, witches, valks, etc as they go through the center of the base (unless jump was used to access the island).

    I think singles are highly valuable as anti-tank weapons, but must be designed around (islands, funnel paths that will take golems/pekkas near the towers, etc).

    They are so potent at denying golem/pekka based kill squads (and queen walks, to some extent), that the rest of the base can be skewed more heavily to be better against the attacks that single infernos are not good against - bowitch, hogs/miners, laloon, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IIcarus View Post

    I think singles are highly valuable as anti-tank weapons
    I assume you only read my TLDR, I recommend going back and reading the rest as I went in depth into the reasoning.

    One of the first things I recognized was singles are better vs tanks, but they always have been, but frankly tanks are irrelevant if you dont kill whats behind them, over the course of the months and months of testing I have done on many bases over 2 town hall levels I personally designed I found for even the most successful utilization of a single inferno, and I was able to have some really good uses at that, a multi always did even better.

    I won't resay all the reasons why this was the case because I already did in my first post, But the short of it is there was a reason everyone used multi's before, and its wasnt really to combat queen walk as there are many ways to do that, those same reasons still apply today.

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