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    Announcing Town Hall level 12 - This time the Town Hall strikes back!

    Hey Clashers,

    It is with great excitement we are officially announcing the next major update to Clash of Clans: Town Hall level 12! This is an exciting time for Clash of Clans as we are introducing a ton of new content with this release.

    Over the coming days, we will be sharing details on what this update will contain along with developer videos and gameplay footage. But one thing at a time...

    Today's announcement is focusing on the Town Hall itself and how Town Hall 12 is a departure from how we have done previous Town Hall upgrades.

    The Giga Tesla!
    When you upgrade to Town Hall 12, the Town Hall itself is now a defensive structure capable of defending itself. If an opponent so much as scratches the paint, the Giga Tesla will emerge. The bigger brother of the Tesla family of defenses, the Giga Tesla fires beams of electricity at its attackers, doing lots of damage in retaliation for ruining its pristine paint palate.

    Giga Evolution!
    You didn't think simply upgrading to Town Hall 12 was the end of your journey did you? Once you upgrade to Town Hall 12, as we mentioned, you will gain access to the Giga Tesla weapon. However, like all defensive structures in Clash of Clans, it can be upgraded. Yes, the Town Hall weapon CAN be upgraded! The Giga Tesla will have 5 upgrade levels available where each level increases how many opponents the Giga Tesla can target, up to a maximum of 4.

    Giga Explosion!
    Once your Giga Tesla is upgraded to its 5th level, you'll unlock the Giga Tesla's final ability: the Town Hall itself turns into a massive bomb doing blast damage to surrounding opponents. This last ditch attempt to eradicate your foes is your Town Hall's way of giving a final salute before taking as many troops with it as possible.

    Additional Explanations!
    Town Hall 12 is just the tip of the iceberg in our Summer 2018 update. We will be sharing more previews over the coming days, with many more surprises, quality of life changes, and why this update is the biggest update to the Main Village in years.

    Rest assured we have also been looking at how this new Town Hall level affects the Clan War ecology and we will be addressing how we're applying this Town Hall to the Matchmaking algorithm.

    Stay tuned for more previews!

    (And no, we haven't even gotten to the "E" reveal yet)
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    Wow. Great news. I really wanted TH12 to come with this update.
    Can't believe I got here first though.
    I like the thought of an entire bowler army evaporating after destroying my town hall.
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    Holy moly!

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    2nd? wow


    oh, I guess not. Damn 10 char rule making me 3rd
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    Yes... got in


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    Omg omg omg omg....I can't control myself!!!

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    Looking forward to it
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    Best clan ever
    what a surprise....
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