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    Bug - my dragon in cc disappeared..

    Hi! Today i ask for cc on cw (i have 25 spaces), so someone gave me dragon (7 lvl) and i saw that in chat it shows that there is no free space anymore (that was weird), so i gave req again. Someone gave me baloon. I shut the game down for a few minutes (i had shield and put cc to sleep). When I logged in again in my cc there was no dragon anymore and I had two baloons.. Can someone tell me what happen with my dragon and how he change into baloon? There is no possibility to report this bug to supercell, but I think it should be. This game should gave me back my dragon! 😡
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    As soon as you clear your clan castle so the dragon can fit, it'll arrive.

    When you're having communication issues during a donation, it can take time for troops to appear. You created a problem when you requested troops again - someone else donated a balloon that arrived before the original dragon did. Then once the dragon arrived, it couldn't fit. Empty the loons and it'll arrive. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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