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Thread: 4 level 65 players seeking TF.

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    Team Canada wants you 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦

    Team Canada looking for working men min. 500vp , ops daily and intel required, been around a couple of years !
    Adults only please !!
    " Keep your head up, and your Stick on the ice "

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    25 TF "I Am War", Is Now Looking For Dedicated, Friendly And Chatty Playerz.
    Grown up TF, serious players, no freeloaders allowed.

    Were Looking For Good Loyal Players That Can Help Us Fill In The Rest Of The Seat's In Our Pack
    We Do Daily OPz! 300 Victory Points Required To Join!
    30 OPS in the last 30 DAYS

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    Join our task force. Fun chatty family oriented group. 25 INTEL minimum a week. Most of us get at least 50+ average. No schorchers or grenadiers when attacking. Daily ops. Most of us are lvl65. We look forward to attacking with you. We need 9 slots to fill. If people don't attack frequently they will be kicked. 3 strikes and your out. We need experienced players that love to attack frequently. Come check us out!!! Tell them SavingPvtP0nce sent you.

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    You can join small nine
    We do massive attack and forlorn hope
    FP = 28000-30000

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