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Thread: Builder Base Support Clans?

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    Builder Base Support Clans?

    I'm currently a co-leader for the #1 ranked builder base clan in the US, CarnageGodSquad. Recently, we had a visitor come into the clan and ask us if our clan would be willing to act as a support clan for his main clan, in order to boost his clan into the top 5 worldwide.

    We have long held a suspicion that some clans (and players) form alliances in order to boost trophy count. Once players reach a certain trophy count, players tend to see the same people frequently. I routinely see players from Rejects, Syndicates, War of Battles, etc.

    That said, I cannot help but hold a dim view of this strategy. I am not sure how commonplace it is, but players who purposely throw games to others under a prearranged agreement are violating the spirit of the game, if not the written rules themselves.

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    Please say the clan name that is currently asking you to do this

    as a leader in the number one clan in the world that doesn’t partake in these dirty activities, we would like to know what clans are asking this of you

    this is an absolute despicable tactic and I hope you said no
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    Match fixing in BB huh, that's not alright. To be expected though. People will go to great lengths for competitive advantage in pretty much everything.

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    Curtisd2, I'm pretty sure we have been matched. My in game name is Sagittarius.

    We never found out the clan name because we kicked him shortly after he asked us to do this. He did mention that the purpose of this tactic was to propel his current clan into the top 5 worldwide. My guess is that his clan is in the usual top 20 or so.

    I agree that clans who do this are cheating, and it isn't right. However, I don't know how they'd get caught.

    If we ever see someone come in and try to get us to do it again, however, I'll screenshot it.

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    SuperCell could just blank out the opponents name until the end of the match .. problem solved.

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    Maybe he was not talking about arranged battles, but about sending your players with most trophies to his clan in order for them to raise in the rankings.

    For example, I stay in a war clan the whole season and go to a BB push clan at the season end to help with trophy count.
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