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Thread: Level 61 Active Player

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    Dec 2016
    PigsOnTheWing could use your help

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    I'm still looking... seems to be a unicorn.

    I need a 25 or 10 Task force that does Stronghold or below and does ops daily.

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    Hi zerohero,

    a few of us broke off from a 50 man TF (too much drama) to start a new TF. The TF is currently a 10 man with the plan to expand to 50 as new members join.

    We're an easy going crew and welcome Canadians and friendly neighbors. Do the OP's, get some intel, be respectful and you'll be fine. Current VP range is 400-700 although there is currently no minimum limit while we are growing, and 700+ is fine too! ... Some folks on the old TF were over 1000VP.

    Canadian 8227 #9U200VUL


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    Check out Wardell Mudcrab.

    DE and CC on the weekends.

    Ops start at 8pm Central.

    We have a mix of snipers and good op hitters

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    25 TF "I Am War", Is Now Looking For Dedicated, Friendly And Chatty Playerz.
    Grown up TF, serious players, no freeloaders allowed.

    Were Looking For Good Loyal Players That Can Help Us Fill In The Rest Of The Seat's In Our Pack
    We Do Daily OPz! 300 Victory Points Required To Join!
    30 OPS in the last 30 DAYS

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