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    Re task blocking,
    the rules appear different for mystery derby. Normally 4 tasks in one category either running or sitting on the board blocks that category. We have 5 fishing tasks running and one sat on the board, so mystery derby is clearly different, and once the mystery tasks spawn into their actual task, they don’t cause blocking. We are hoping to test the theory that keeping 4 animal tasks on the board will block mystery tasks spawning into goats or wool. So far we haven’t been able to get the fourth animal task up.
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    I noticed in the mystery derby gifts, there are boosters that can be chosen. In this derby, they all have a times 2 on them. So in our derby, you could choose the 4 boosters and get 8 boosters. My question is, if my booster storage is full, will I have to pay diamonds to keep them? Because, if so, there would be no reason to choose the boosters as a derby prize. Also, it would be nice if you could either raise the booster storage limit to something a lot higher or remove the booster limit altogether. I am almost at level 160 and I toss boosters almost on a daily basis.

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    Hi Jonell40 and welcome to the forum. Yes, a player that would exceed their booster storage would need to use diamonds to expand that space. Most players would need to weigh the strength of the booster and it’s benefits for them and decide if they would like to do that. Most of the boosters I have seen as derby prizes are ones that I want and would probably use. I do trash many of the 1,2 and sometimes 3 star boosters.
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