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Thread: NO Diamond Tribal Warrior Statue. Reached Stage 70 May 2018 Mega Crab. Please help!!

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    NO Diamond Tribal Warrior Statue. Reached Stage 70 May 2018 Mega Crab. Please help!!

    Hello SuperCell and the Boom Beach Community,

    My Ingame Boom Beach name is: Boom Of Doom

    I use a Samsung Tablet and Android to play the fun and addictive Boom Beach game.

    However, This May 2018 Mega Crab I was able to beat Stage 69 to supposedly earn the Diamond Tribal Warrior Statue and reached Stage 70 with a minute left in the event.

    The Trader appeared with a message that I "got" the statue but then the game froze and I reloaded BB.

    Once reloaded, it still has the golden statue and with the event had ended, just the remnants of the Mega Crab shadow, Once I clicked the high scores top 50, It is currently 01:05 AM EST and I am currently ranked #36 out of 50 in Canada at Stage 70/Destroyed 0.0% right under another player named snappy.

    My Boom Beach Player Tag #: 8YCOPYJYJ

    I have sent one other message earlier on the Boom Beach Bugs and Problems forum, but decided to post in General regarding my plight.

    If anyone have experienced the same predicament as I and one other Android BB player not getting the correct statue tier, please let me know how to get ahold of Supercell's attention

    Thank you for your kind attention, assistance and responses!!

    Kind Regards,

    Boom Of Doom

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    For this, I would contact SC support. I doubt anyone can help you on the forums!
    If you want something badly, work for it!

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    We are just players - you need to contact support. Since your score is being accurately shown the game knows you earned the trophy, so that’s good. Can only suggest force closing the app to see if that helps.

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    I have seen someone with the same problem on stage 50 for the golden statue

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