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    Week 22 Hay Day Events!

    Check out next week's events!

    • Monday: Production buildings boost (3)
    • Tuesday: Town visitor XP & reputation
    • Wednesday: Truck orders: Extra upgrade materials
    • Thursday: Boat: Extra puzzle piece (max 5)
    • Friday: Spin the wheel, Expansion permit (1)
    • Saturday: Boat orders, extra boosters (unlimited)
    • Sunday: Truck orders, coins.

    *All events start at 8UTC*

    For more details, Please head to the news section in the game on the day of the event!

    Have a fun week!


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    Yay -- puzzle boats to end the month!

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    Yeah, and if you let your fifth boat come on Friday morning, as I often do, it’ll overlap with your first of the month puzzle boat. As seems to happen often, sigh.

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    Yay, puzzle boats!
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    it's a spin the wheel that has come today, not the one planned ... and for thederby also, for us, there is no special derby ...
    farm level 109 ...

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    Isn't it supposed to be boost ?

    We got spin the wheel today is Monday so as per schedule today must be mechine boost ? And now that spin wheel is also gone I was,planning to spend more diamonds on it ? Pls check it up early as possible

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    All my truck orders with special present on the board were switched to normal after the event ended. Such things do not happen with special boats or special town visitors - they stay as they were even after the event.
    I don't think it is fair to change something afterwards! The truck orders should have been untouched on my board, as I "owned" them already in my opinion.

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