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Thread: 10-15 people looking together

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    10-15 people looking together

    Ok, we are bunch of guys that's been playing together for some time now. Our tf is 18/25 atm and I would guess 14-15 are active, definitely >10 that talk and are active. We are thinking about getting together with some other cool people and be in a 25, not thinking about 50 atm. Please feel free to pm for more info. Not everyone is super serious, some are, we are ok with running choke point or above (not FH or MA). I am semi retired from boom and mostly play for the crab. Not interested in a lb-pushing tf or anything below Stronghold

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    I sent you a message check your inbox.

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    Furry Critters (#9gycj2rj)

    Take a look at furry critters.....

    Sound like a good match....

    We just cancelled previous merger due to inactivity.

    Might be a great pairing.

    Come see Steady in group, or reply...if interested

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    Alabama # U8YPV8C

    Come check out Alabama # U8YPV8C been around for over 3 years we currently are down to 37 we beat dead end last op in 25 but we really need active players. op everyday @ 6:30 pm cst

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    Sharktank 2

    Hi come and check Sharktank 2 out.

    The task force has been going for just over 18 months, we have just cleared out a few players who had stopped playing.


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    Mac Juice #2GGQY2VJ needs some new blood. We are a 25 person TF that does ops almost daily. Our members vary in size. We regularly do Foxtrot and beat it in 12 attacks or so. We want to do higher ones so we are looking for a few active members to join us. Our task force has been around for well over 3 years. Come join our funny, fun bunch.

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    Warspectre! Building 50 player Taskforce from active VETERAN players. Op Daily! #9CJQV8V0
    Warspectre is a happy band of potty mouth veteran BB players. We jumped ship and created a taskforce that ops EVERY DAY! 33 days old and 32 ops completed with an 80% success rate. Come join the ghost in the machine!
    400 victory points or more and donuts on Friday's are all we ask of new players!

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