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Thread: RB/BG/CC/Bomber - best bh8 strategy for attacks without bm?

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    RB/BG/CC/Bomber - best bh8 strategy for attacks without bm?

    I'm probably a little bit late with upgrading my bm but I wanted to share my results with this army.

    It's the army Noc called "Big Bart" but I don't use all my barbs at the start to clear outside buildings for funneling. I use them to distract the defenses, especially mega tesla and giant cannon, and to surgically destroy defenses and the bh if my cannon carts go to the wrong direction . Imo, it's the most reliable strategy for 2 stars between 60% and 80% if you have no bm. I even completed the 5 wins in 1h builder games challenge without bm. Trophies: 4.8-5k

    Attack log (I used archers twice because of a challenge):
    (I have a video of my last attacks but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share a link here. )

    What army do you use without the battle machine? Do you get better results?
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    could hav been good back in the day when magic items were not available. i always attacked without BM (when down) during that time.
    but SC is very generous with books so there is no hurry. i already got bm to 24 & i dont want to risk dropping below max loot cap during the event for just 1 last lvl.

    my mini has bm at lvl 20 but still i dont want to get below 5k on that account either. bh9 is far away & SC will offer plenty of books anyway.

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    I’ve always used Minion Drops, but lately it’s a non-issue because I either stack loot attacks or use a BoH.
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    I wouldn't say the best. Ever since people realize how strong this attack is (especially with level 16 Cannon Carts), most of the base designs and traps are set towards defending ground attacks. As such, I am still finding Minion Drops very effective for such base. I am still hitting regular 2 stars/3 stars and high percentage from 70-100% at trophy range 4800-4900. But that is with BM. Sometimes I might need the BM to get the Builder Hall for 2 stars, but for successful 3 stars attack, before I deployed the BM, it was already 2 stars and at least 70%, BM just do the rest.

    And also, with the possibility of stacking 2 days of loot bonus, you could avoid attacking with BM down for upgrade. The Book of Building just add to that and make it easier to progress.
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    When I have Hero levels to upgrade on the Main Base, I go all in.
    I attack 10-12 times a day for DE ONLY and my daily quota is 50K Dark Elixir, no exceptions.
    At that DE intake, both Royals are down constantly, until they are maxed out.
    On Main, attacking without heroes isn't an issue, because when I have to upgrade them, I'm in full farming mode.

    When I have Hero levels to upgrade on the Builder Base, I know, that I will lose trophies and therefore resources and I'm more reluctant to upgrade the Hero.
    It hurts my attacks, to attack without the Battle Machine.

    THAT, is why I upgrade my Battle Machine, in the most painless way possible: With the Book of Heroes.

    I've spend 7 Book of Heroes on the Battle Machine (even when I COULD have used them on my Royals)

    I have an additional 2 Book of Heroes in store, waiting for the day when BM levels 26-30 are added.

    There is no WAY, that I'll upgrade the BM without a Book, now.

    Therefore, attack strategies without BM are irrelevant for me.

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