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Thread: Neighborhood dating

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    Love the term Walk-about. One can truely feel the freedom
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    Way, way back when NH concept was first introduced, we had a farmer who would pop in now and then and sell lots of good stuff. I called him the traveling salesman. He was just having fun spending time in different hoods visitng with friends. Later, he decided to just stay with us.

    Then there were those large hoods which form and reform to compete in the global boat, fishing or truck events. Some members just join a hood to help in the competition and then leave to go back to their own hood. Sometimes friends who come to visit just to chat for a week or help us out because they didn't need any more BEM, SEM, LEM and they sell them to us. It was so nice of them! During the global events, we just keep selling them crops and products that they run out of towards the end of the event.
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    Then WHAT would be the point of the forum topic?

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    love your sense of humor

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