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Thread: Instant overcharge damage

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    Instant overcharge damage

    If you have played with super pekka, you could see that the damage by overcharge ability takes a little time showing an animation of pekka rising up after pekka is killed. If support troops like carts are behind it is able to get at least one shot at the structure nearby reducing the effectiveness of overcharge and defences who targeted pekka gets one or two shot at carts,if it is a double cannon level 8, it would put the cannon into last stand. Just remove the unnecessary animation and let super pekka do instant damage when it is killed

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    I don't have a great deal of experience with the SP's OP, bar a few hours of fun with power potions. But, I do feel the overcharge ability needs work. A lot of the time it does little, or no, damage as it's too far from any target.

    I think your idea has merit. My thought was the SP should keep moving towards the nearest target, then explode. I think as a troop she's fine, but I do think the overcharge needs... something? 🤔

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    Never use the Super Pekka yet, but based on some replays I saw on my defense, yes, you are probably right OP.

    In my opinion, for now it's a little bit down to luck, like Cannon Cart Last Stand, sometimes it works for you, sometimes it don't.
    I remember a replay where the supercharged just destroyed my Roaster with a lot of HP, that's probably the best timing to have that ability activated. And when you are unlucky, it does damage only to the air.

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