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Thread: E.R.Y.N.N. ( New Troops, New Spells) [Legen Spell, Waterfall Spell, Gremkings, Crab]

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    E.R.Y.N.N. ( New Troops, New Spells) [Legen Spell, Waterfall Spell, Gremkings, Crab]

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    New troops


    Fear and terror!

    Long forgotten writings know the creature from the old time.
    A being from the legends that likes enormous heat.
    It flies like no one else sees.

    Do not look up!


    Air Force!

    The E.R.Y.N.N. is fed by the inferno. If he does not get it in time, he dies and leaves double area damage. Once 300 by the Megabombe he carries with him and another 300 by his smoke. If it dies, it expands, imploding and leaving behind black toxic smoke. The smoke is causing damage. Small troops like eg. Barbarians do not survive him. Since he has not quite as many hit points (max LV 5200) he must reach the inferno early or protected. Within the inferos, the E.R.Y.N.N. stronger. The inferno charges him with hit points. Especially the singel infernos will be more interesting.
    The troupe is thought of as Air Golem with area-effect damage, with the preferred target inferno. Slowly he flies, but he does a lot of damage! The ability to recharge through the infernos makes the troop very strong. Spells or the new wavespell can be useful. By means of the Warden you can guide him ideally to centrally located infernos.


    The Grand Prince (Gremking)

    Alternative: Gremarch, Gremaiser, Gremar, Gremeister {Gremling [Disney®Rights!]}

    Send a wild horde of little monsters!

    Small, furry and cute, but annoying like mosquitoes.
    Without their king they are willless. But with,
    they will sabotage everything.

    Use the "scream of greed" and they are all yours!

    These nasty things are damn fast!
    Fast as goblins, strong as a magician and as stable as a pig rider, but stupid as the P.E.K.K.A!

    This new branch is used as follows:

    * Without king of the wild goblins

    They serve as very good farmer (resource thieves), however, stronger and more durable than normal goblins. The Gremkings take more space (living room 5), but are stronger (740 TP [hit points] {at max LV}). They do a lot of damage to resource buildings. Especially to resource collectors (damage per second 105 {times 2 [210] at collector, warehouse, CB, RH). Only after all resource buildings have been destroyed, the Gremkings attack other buildings (target no matter).

    * With king of the wild goblins
    By his presence alone, the Gremkings become more disciplined.
    With the king of the wild goblins the preferred goals are claimed. Well, centered, dark elixir stores can be targeted. Of course, also town halls and clan surgeries, but can be changed in the king of the wild goblins only between gold, elixir or dark elixir (always only one alone, other goals, so collectors and camps are only then). That is, with the settings of the king of the wild leprechauns (similar to the warden, ground or air), are hereby, only by means of Gremkings and or goblins, targets such as. dark bearing and drills preferred. Only after the camps and the collectors have been destroyed, so here at the preferred, the Gremkings will attack other targets (target does not matter). With the special ability of the king of the wild goblins "scream of greed" gremkings can be used again, but only briefly, so long as the cry sounds, or the special ability of the new hero works. Within the scream the gremikings will attack defenses. Since the gremkings do hit points like pig riders, damage like magicians, they can also be used wonderfully during a war attack. Ideal here is the "scream of greed". Similar to the wardens ability, tremendous forces are released here, albeit briefly.


    Crawled out of the sea and went to land.
    The crab is ideal for distracting. When she dies, she divides into two and joins four. A single masterful leap they create.

    New spells


    This potion makes for mood!

    This dark elixir was used before hours. It lends
    your troops tremendous vibrational forces, which the attack strategy

    lends completely new dimensions. Watch as they destroy harmonious and focused buildings.


    All troops attack defenses!
    Troops become more effective. Similar to the Wutzauber, only modest, cheaper and less ravaging, since he only needs 1 living room. Above all, the potion should be useful for troops with little damage! Eg. Golem, brickbreaker, giants, witches or even in combination with the skeleton spell ect.
    You're supposed to get a bit more damage (128% more damage per second) {troops with a lot of damage per second, eg. Wizard, Dragon P.E.K.K.A, QUEEN etc. stay the same}. All troops in the radius are becoming more consistent. This means, among other things, that the troops who do not claim any preferred targets (Wizards, P.E.K.K.A etc.), through the magic focus entirely, within the magic duration, on defenses. P.E.K.K.A, dragons, magicians, baby dragons, witches and even wallbreakers are herewith redefined!

    Waterfall Spell

    Create a waterfall anywhere!

    Arrows, bullets and gusts of wind are swirling and progress slowly.
    Defense systems such as X-bows or air buffs are greatly reduced.
    After the whirlpool, each drop joins a devastating waterfall.
    But beware! Tesla's are dangerous in water.

    X-bows, archer towers, cannons, mine throwers, air bombers, air bombs, enemy clancastle forces (except Heavy Golem troops, Dragon P.E.K.K.A, Giant, and Lava Hound) and Bomb Tower are slowed down considerably. Small units like archers, barbarians ect. and air bombs that have been triggered are flushed away. (The swirling water causes reductions.) A suction is created, which brings loose things out of its usual trajectory and causes light damage to surrounding buildings {about 10-20% of hit points).

    Deadly fall of the water

    To the above, there is another factor. As each drop collects to a waterfall, we finally the magic time, any building completely destroyed. The waterfall always crashes on any building (random algorhythmic). The deadly fall of the water!

    Patt effect

    If a Tesla trap is triggered within the magic radius, ie actively cause damage as it has targeted troops, then a stalemate arises. (This effect does not apply to Tesla Traps triggered by the 50% total damage achieved.)
    Since water conducts electricity, every building within the magic radius is easily damaged (about 15-25% of the hit points). Unfortunately also the attacking troops in the radius (about 30-50% of the hit points).
    This is just an idea. Possibly. The stalemate kills small troops such as mages, barbarians, and archers. The strength of the stalemate can be negotiated.

    Spell is ineffective against

    Inferno, Eagle Artillery, Mage Tower, seeking Air Mine, enemy Heroes, Air Defense enemy clancastle troops such as Golem, Dragon P.E.K.K.A, Giant, and Lava Hound.
    They all do the same damage as usual!

    Legend Spell

    Retribution complacent?

    Increase your attack power many times. HP are converted to damage. Praised be the magic brewing arts. The Avenger's Heart
    beats short, but an incredible power is unleashed!

    Silence is supposed to be revenge
    for the will to win is yours.

    This spell is supposed to make life easier for the many nobs.
    Legendary magic makes all troops within the radius much stronger (max 50Troops). Namely, any HP (Hit Points of Troops) will be subtracted and added to Attack Strength (damage per second). Although the troops die, but here is guaranteed with a safe attack strategy and of course a tremendous fun! Because the troops lose their HP (hit points), they are instantly dead on the slightest scratch. That's why the Warden Special ability or a Healing and / or a Frost spell is essential. If a healing spell (level does not matter) is combined with the Legend spell, this will prevent the immediate dead of the troops. As long as the healing spell works, the troops will not die, which means they are close to invulnerable and extremely strong. 2 stars are always safe.
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    Never reply when ur angry. Never make a promise when ur happy. Never make a decision when ur sad.
    Good effort.

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    Nice thread! Just want some different stats on some things.....

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    Did you just steal this from Galadon's video or are you really the person Serdar that emailed him all this stuff?
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    Good effort OP.

    I like the new idea troop that starts with "E".
    But we already have a flying tank as in Lava Hound. Maybe more of a damaging dark troops rather than just tanking like Lava Hound (means the counterpart of Dragon, but a dark troop) will be nice to have. Not sure about Inferno healing the troops, just make the defenses useless and could tilt the balance to air as compare to ground.

    The Gremking is also nice to have, the design is cool and simply awesome. it's the bigger brother of Goblins, target resources and with HP too, might be useful for TH10 and TH11, especially for clean up against big HP storages.

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    Yes i'm Serdar✌️Galadons Video are short. I, works on a new deff! With a lot of fire��
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