Friendly, fun, helpful hood looking for new members

Champions derby players looking for new members who are active and dedicated derby players ✨✨join us to take over the world!!🤪

Are you looking for a neighborhood that is fun , chatty, helpful?♥

You have found a Great Hood!! We love the derby. 10 tasks @ 320 point value.. special derby 400 points.You should be willing to spend diamonds on the tenth task .We are a neighbourhood that is there for you.. We help each other to get tasks done. It's a group effort, With some tasks done in minutes. If you don't like sharing, or having others offer to help you, we are not for you. We are like a family...

This is what we are looking for...People at least Level 100 Very Active and who can Communicate fluently in English!♥

Here are a few things I am asking:

* Please and thank you will get you a long way..

* Helping with boat orders, watering, and townie pick up.

* Respect each other, leave the bad attitude at the door.

* A sense of humour... We can get a bit silly.. Sorry

* Do all tasks ( or let us know if you can't, I know life can get in the way!!) or opt out of the Derby.

Any changes that occur in the Hood are based on a majority vote or decision, IT'S YOUR HOOD!!! You will be promoted when you join. Chatting is also a Big Plus. Please be prepared for a few questions when you join..

If this sounds good to you why not join my hood and give us a try!?

I will only be accepting members who are serious Derby players .
WE ARE CHAMPION league and we are FREAKING AWESOME. So please be prepared for a lot of action and trophies.♥