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Thread: Purchases disappears after losing connection.

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    Purchases disappears after losing connection.

    Dear HayDay,

    The problem appeared when i bought 570 diamonds. The game gave me the diamonds but then i lost my wifi connection. After 30 seconds i re-connected again and all those diamonds were lost. I called Apple Support and they pointed the finger at hayday and said "I'm sorry, we can't do anything for you..."

    So is there a solution to this problem? or is the money i spend lost?

    PS. I'm new to this forum so i didn't know if this was the right section, sorry if it is not.

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    If you haven’t yet please contact in game support and report the problem. Also, from what I’ve read in the past is that if you don’t like or agree with what they respond to you, to write back again until you’ve reached a solution. Good luck

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