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    Excited. Along with Builder games they are giving builder birthday bash which is going to be useful in completing the challenges with some extra loot if they reduce the clock tower duration from 7 hrs ll be more useful too

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatSeeker View Post
    What happened during the last Builder Games that was so poorly received?
    I think it’s hard to know whether it really was poorly received by the millions of players based on the discussion here, but that said there were two problems with the last one in my opinion. One is it had main base awards so players complained they were “forced” to play, which is stretch of that word but that was a common complaint. Second, and I think more important, it was harder than normal. I like the builder base challenges usually, but that game was much harder than the usual. If the goal is to spark some BB interest I would make it easier than usual so players can see how BB is a good way to get clan games points.

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