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    Quote Originally Posted by AdomIcBomb View Post
    Upgrade to TH10 lots of new stuff there.
    i recently upgraded to th 10 its very interesting with infernos and lots more

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbohunter2 View Post
    You don't have to be an Albert Einswine to find nuance in this game. There's no need to feel disgruntled, like there's a fly in the oinkment, there's no need to listen to such hogwash on the forums.

    Sorry if this post was too hamfisted.
    I just about snorted my drink through my snout when I read this. It didnt hurt nearly as much as a poke in the stye with a sharp pork though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prithish7890 View Post
    I think that Coc is being too much boaring. For few days ago I realised that this is a boaring game. Last BH(I don't like) and Clan games updates are good but not interesting. If this continues to happen then I quit coc as soon as possible. We need see some new, some interesting. I hope that we will see something new😍
    If you feel the game is boaring then change the way you play how I do only upgrade townh max then do all the defense by this way you can enjoy event and clan games also don't worry of trophies loss them as u can and see how much loot u will get then u will tell me that this is more interesting make a look on my village where how my troops lived happly with all time full R storage's. #8RGYGJPCQ

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    Building a clan can help you get rid of your boredom. It's really fun after you've got 5 members.

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