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Thread: Set clan troops not to come out of cc

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    Set clan troops not to come out of cc

    What's up guys. Another idea I had for the game is if you have troops in your cc you should be able to set something if they come out to defend or not, kinda like heros have the option to sleep or defend. There has been many times where I would request for troops get them log off forget shield ends and loose them. It's not a huge deal as I could just request for more. But I'm sure there are a lot of people with less active clan that wait a while for troops. Ty

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    I completely agree that there should be some sort of Sleep Mode function added to the CC for the reason you just mentioned, but it's currently on the ruled-out list. Not sure why though, as I cannot find any negatives about having your CC set so your defense troops don't defend.
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    I agree completely. It only makes sense to be able to choose if your cc troops will defend your base or stay in clan castle. Often I have requested troops for a war attack to only lose them because I was attacked.

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    I agree, i hate it when I loose my hard earned cc troops to some newb attacker that fails to get my storages, so he kill my cc troops as a revenge.
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