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Thread: [IDEAS] few new ideas (Tavern/Pub-Community maps-Endless runner mode)

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    [IDEAS] few new ideas (Tavern/Pub-Community maps-Endless runner mode)

    Clash of clans ideas

    i. A tavern

    The tavern is where players and get free prizes e.g. a free spells or 5 troops or small or large amount of gold/elixir/dark elixir or nothing every.

    The prizes are won from simple games like picking cards with prizes (like the trader but the card are turned over) or picking three chests or more with only 1 with prizes.
    the prizes get town hall 5-11 level troops and spell levels that are randomly selected. (This is problably ore useful/helpful to new or lower level players.

    ii. there can be a mini menu so select betting mode where a players would choice the winning hog or ice or fire spirt to win in a race like horse/dog races (nothing to serious where player could bet gold maybe or just win a prize for selecting the right one or Pay gold to enter.

    iii. The tavern would also have a bench out side with chiefs of other villages/ players sitting on them. The players would be able to add 5 friends or clan member.

    Once added the friends or clan member get to buy a rare drink that comes with a 5hp boost for all the troops of that village total of 25hp.

    This would cost 100,000 of gold and elixir and maybe dark too. Its can be either used in clan wars or multiplayer attacks. This would be supercell decision.
    If for clan war players can only use it once per war.

    Community maps

    i. Free maps created by players using only defence builds e.g. cannons, archer towers etc, and walls.
    we would get a increased number of walls 600-1000 and can choose the amount of build for that map.
    These would be free attacks where you don’t lose troops and attack for fun, whilst waiting for troops to finish and jest mess bout with game mechanics.

    10 favourite base can be added to favourites map similar to the goblin war map.

    Players can vote on the best maps, see number of users etc.

    or create your own to add to the favourites map
    There can be three map edits like the current base creators and only one published map if needed.

    Can be made into a offline mode first so player can only play their own maps.

    Endless runner game

    i. Similar or exactly like the hog runner game that supercell made but in side of clash of clans.
    There are lot of these types of games already to chose from so one can be made that suits clash of clans by supercell.

    player would use a i.e. barb to play levels from 1 up-to 150 levels to get a reward of a hp boost of a 150hp max for the troop used in the running game.

    One way this system could work is if you die on the 2nd level you get 1hp boost potion and only 1 can be store at a time. the potion must be used before get a new potion. There would 1 a day limit to get the potion on the first try only.

    Fro example, on the first try player dies at level 10 he/she would get a 9 hp boost potion and once used a 24hr cool off timer would start. Then once the timer has reset the first try is the level hp boost potion players would get.

    But player can practice play as much as they want but once the spell is used 24hr cool down timer is started. once the cool off period is over the first attempt is the potion level you get. The cool down won’t start until the potion is used.

    This would give players more to do in game whilst waiting for troops to finish and it would be for fun with leader boards etc.

    Can have a hog rider on the map ready to go to hog mountain etc but starting with barbs and other troops can be added that can work with this mode.
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    I dont think the game needs any more 'easily earning rewards'. May be try something difficult to earn. Otherwise there is no point. And can you explain the running game in detail please?

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    Nice idea, but it'd be better with less or no rewards, just for fun.

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    okay, I do agree. thanks for the input. this is mostly a theme carrying on from clan games and trader, I thought maybe supercell can added mostly useful for lower level players. will see if I can think of anything useful/challenging game mode.

    well there are so many runner game mode types to choose from e.g. similar to jungle run app. supercell can create different mini quest to give troops small boost while waiting for troops to finish.

    I just focus on the reward rules for now but supercell can easily create one that would world for the clash world. I don’t work at supercell so its hard to give more details.

    plus theres lots talented people at supercell who could create it.

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    sorry to hear that. I didn’t feel its that bad, just boast for clans who work together to get a little more advantage in wars.

    running game mode is could be added to give player something to do while waiting for troops plus get a boost.

    community maps can be useful to let player carry out back to back attack if the want without waiting just for fun and mess about with game mechanics.

    I’ll probably delete the post soon. apologies for wasting your time.

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    tavern can get more developed with different game modes of chance games this is only a beginning stage of the idea for supercell to consider if they ever read this post.

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