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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovely74095 View Post
    Ussually coc updates arive in may or june!! And their are sneek peeks too!..but now they just said sneek peeks will start from "the day which ends with 'Y'! Which literally means 'never' ...!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rephren View Post
    What update? There is no update date scheduled for the foreseeable future. We have heard they're trying to get an update out before the end of June, but they have said no promises on that. (As far as I've seen). So in reality we might only get one after the july holidays. Although it is more likely they'll release it in time for the holidays. Otherwise, nothing has been set in stone other than Darian saying an update in the first half of the year. But that's if they get it right, if there's delays and issues and problems, it'll be later in the year. Just be patient guys.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doddsyuk View Post
    All days end in y??? Yeah would expect an update fairly soon seeing as iOS 8 support is stopping shortly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jwp721 View Post
    Of course they were. Just be patient and play the game. One day you will wake up and there will be an update...
    In India, I need not to wake up because it usually arrive at 4-5 PM....LOL..always ready for update..

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    Delay would mean that there was some kind of date we had confirmed then postponed. I know of no such promised date that we're going to miss. Ergo, there is no delay.
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    OP check out this thread if you want some more information on this. There is no delay yet.
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