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Thread: There is a problem in the law

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    There is a problem in the law

    I was a leader(in clan).
    mistakenly I was out( thats mean )I got out unwittingly
    The leader changed (Automatically).
    The law has a problem( thats mean )The law is difficult
    Why do not you help me become a leader again?
    Can I understand what I mean?
    Please provide a simple answer with additional explanation.
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    This is how the game works. If you leave your clan you lose leadership. You can not get it back unless it is freely given to you. No one here can help you get leader back.

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    When you leave your clan you are giving up being the leader.

    That's the way it is.

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    Its not any law but the person who is leader now is he active or inactive?? If he is inactive then there is a chance that he will be changed from leadership but then also you won't become the leader the oldest member or elder or co-leader will become the leader.

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