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Thread: How can I upgrade my heroes fastly at th9

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    Quote Originally Posted by SumerDevSingh View Post
    My BK is in lvl 10 and AQ is in lvl 6. I need to upgrade them fastly in order to move to th10. Which army should I use and some tips for upgrading heroes.
    Bit of friendly advice ... don’t forget to enjoy th9. These forums are filled with people who regretted upgrading to th10.
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    quakes need to much DE. I used to attack with goblin knife: 12 giants (+ 7 in cc), 12 wbs, rest goblins. funnel ressource buildings left and right with 1 or 2 giants as shield and a couple of goblins. break in with wbs. jump if needed. more giants towards the core for more shield. goblins with 3 fingers and rage.

    BK and AQ for DE drills or additional ressources at the outside.

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