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Thread: My idea to solve clouds:

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    My idea to solve clouds:

    Remove shield above 4999 cups.
    Players up there are already maxed, we don't need guard to protect our resources.
    The most active player dominate, players up there are already very active and wasting time in the clouds.
    If players get offline and get attacked, they get 4 hours guard, they have to defend 2/3 times during night time.
    During the day, more bases are available to attack.

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    Shields aren’t the problem. Players could and would be able to sit on line and attack until their PB hits. Remember, every time a Legends player attacks he is gradually shortening his shield time. Players would still need to be forced off more often to take a defense and even then it wouldn’t really help clouds. There is a thread in General that discusses this idea to death. Here is a small excerpt from Tiler:

    But a shield doesn't mean a player isn't online. People are still going to sit online, with or without a shield. The only way this could really work is if Legend players were kicked off without a shield at a high enough rate to account for all of the people searching for a base. That's just not a fun situation. And the middle ground isn't much better. Say you kick people off twice as quickly as we do now to force twice as many defenses. Even if no one gets upset about being kicked off and forced to take a defense twice as often, clouds still aren't being fixed. You might reduce the wait time from six hours to three or four, at best. Is it better? I suppose. But it's far from a solution.

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    Bigdome has given you some reasons.

    Also, how unfair would it be if you abolished shields that a top level player whilst asleep could just get attacked 2-3 times and lose maybe over 100 trophies?

    Also, not all players in legends are max and not needing resource protection. I was in legends as a th10 and am still there and only 5 months in to th11 with lots of upgrading to go.

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