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Thread: Is it possible....

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    Quote Originally Posted by KattC View Post
    But we do know the outcome, at least for the last wave of cheats, they perma banned those who hurt SC by selling hacked items for real money, Nick posted it.
    Deliberate exploits hurt every legit player in game though and it looks like it’s not over. I certainly feel offended when I read how cheaters are bragging on FB about avoiding the ban hammer

    Reporting the suspicious farm is good and all but I don’t think one should rely on players to police the game.
    I wish they had all been perma banned but for many it was only 14 days as a first and final warning. Once a cheat, probably always a if they do it again, hopefully the bans will be permanent.

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    I saw that same farm -even their town is full of that fencing. Interesting. I just assumed it was a Hay Day Employee that had access to free things for display.

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