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    I just moved to TH10 with a maxed out base except for Heroes (BK L20, AQ L21) and the upgraded ended during this 'Triple threat' event. As of now, I've only unlocked walls and currently upgrading the CC to be followed by Lab and CC. I'm both into war and trophy push. Which league should help me with the initial resource grind? Based on the current meta (If it applies at all) I would like to know:

    - Should I drop down a few leagues now or after completing the event?
    - Will my war weight be heavy based on my current situation or will I continue to get TH9 bases?
    - What should be my current upgrade priority apart from Heroes?
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    Which league?
    Early on I like to farm pink with my heroes up, at least till camps, spells and lab are underway. This means dropping trophies and farming dead bases with goblins, most effective way I know of building pink.

    War weight
    Who knows how war weight is calculated? I have seen spreadsheets about it that say the CC, TH, Lab, camps all weigh nothing, so you can freely upgrade these without any effect on your war weight. But where they get that data from I don't know.

    Upgrade priority
    Depends if you are more interested in war or farming. I followed a war focused path.
    I did not prioritise heroes at first, I used them for farming. Well - apart from 1 immediate AQ level as I reached TH10 with full dark.
    I upgraded all my offence first - spells (biggest single difference, I save up gems specially for this upgrade. Insta' spell slot is a great way to celebrate a new TH level), CC, camps and lab. That mostly costs pink so I spent excess gold on walls, which also maximises available buliders for pink work.
    As for troop priority, I upgraded hogs first, as I love hogs and they're a great upgrade for an early TH10. Second upgrade was goblins (for farming pink, again it's a good upgrade I could notice the difference in power of the upgraded gobs). Third was giants. Also for farming. After that it was war troops. I concentrated on freeze spell to deal with infernos, but that is not relevant anymore, just upgrade your favourite war troops. One troop I would recommend upgrading whether you're a farmer or a warrior is the wall breaker. Great upgrade.

    Hope that helps

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