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Thread: Matchmaking issue from a different perspective

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    So funny thing here.....

    I read the last comment on someone who was mainly offense like my solo account and got thinking. I tried figuring out why the difference in progression was so huge, then I remembered something. I actually lost my mini account for about 2 months due to not being able to log into Google play. I won't go too much into the story nor suggest that this completely explains the difference in progression, but being that I actually "had" my account for about 3 months total (mid January to now minus 2 months), that better explains the phenomenon. So I can now definitely understand HQ 19 in 6 months, but I still believe solo mode is a very powerful option.

    My bad on that mis-info
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gxr900 View Post
    You lose anything not protected by the HQ and vault. The attacker’s level doesn’t matter and it doesn’t matter if they can actually hold what is available to take - you will still lose the unprotected loot.
    Hmm, not what I have had happen. With my first acc this is exactly what happened, but a few days ago the Trader gave me 120k iron and when I got raided by a wee fellow I lost under 1000 iron. I should have lost about 70 000 Iron.

    So I think that overages in your storage from the trader crates are somehow protected.

    I think... maybe they can only raid your storage capacity less vault protection. When this happened my Iron storage was 2000 max and my Vault had 0 Iron storage but 56 or 57% protection. This would explain why I lost what I did and the overage of 118 k+ was totally protected.
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    The overwhelming majority of people in the world want to play games on their mobile devices casually and not an hour or more per day. If you are in the group that wants to play for multiple hours in a day (and you are low or mid level) you are going to end up bumping the casual players who are more developed than you. Getting upset and hating on "turtles" isn't going to do you any good because most of the people you are seeing aren't really turtles anyway. They are people who are playing the game like you are but are much less active.

    They do Factor XL into MM but this affects mostly those who are very extreme in terms of XL and VP. As an example, a level 60+ in the 100ish VP range will have almost every single opponent refresh on their map be within one XL of them. If you aren't at such an extreme it won't be very noticeable at all.

    Supercell has shown over and over again with all their games that they love ranking people on one giant leader board based on how well they attack and defend. With this in mind, it would be a big surprise if they suddenly changed MM to allow low levels to be ranked favorably relative to higher levels based on having only other low levels appear on their maps.
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