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Thread: Looking for a spot in a 5 or 10 man tf hitting C.C / D.E daily

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    Looking for a spot in a 5 or 10 man tf hitting C.C / D.E daily

    Ive been around the traps a bit and have played lb 5, 10, 25 man tfs in the past. Have been playing 25man tfs for a bit and want a fresh challenge.

    I would like to have another crack at the 5 man or 10 man lb if any spots are free anywhere? No problem re: Intel and i have multiple accounts to dump if needed.


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    Ferrets forever
    3 people in currently
    i, the leader (#Ferrets4Ever) have 184 victory points at the moment

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    If you would like a temporary place to keep that sharp edge honed while looking for your 5/10 tf, we're hitting DE daily.
    Stress-free tf, we'll accommodate any of your accounts until something you seek comes along!

    Byte me, eh?! #8PJ2VJP0

    *Daily ops!*

    25 tf with a couple openings, 500 vp entry, currently cc/de.

    More info on your new teammates here:!-8PJ2VJP0
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    ... and Loki defo work for Boom beach...

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    STFB - currently have 6, rocking 4 lvl 65's, 1 lvl 55 and 1 lvl 46. We attack daily. Mambo is an easy drop for us, want to get back into attacking bigger bases.

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    The experience #9RQ8PJGG....relatively new tf....easily taking stronghold...good group of guys...10 man
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