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max her out fully. dont worry about pulling a th10. if that happens, its probably due to the entire clans weight affecting the weight.itl certainly wont be due to your base alone.

even if u pull a th10, attack the highest 2 th9. if ur leader wont expect you to go against infernos.if he does, he isint a very good strategist and you deserve a better clan
Im in this camp. I have an 'Ever9' that is near maxed out. couple upgrades from farming retirement, and a War residency will begin.
I will pretty much be only Warring on this acct, and getting games points every games.

I feel like if you ever want to upgrade you can, so why not be completely maxed before going, or while staying 9 for infinity.
The TH9 makes a hell of a side kick for donations.
I wouldn't worry too much about war weight. you are a max 9 to the match maker. simple as that. if you are 'drawing' TH10s on a regular, prolly ought to analyze the line ups your clan sends to war.

TL;DR = Max it out and use it for War, Donation Mule, and Clan Games. take your TH10 to 11 and have fun there.