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Thread: GBE Accumulation Cap?

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    Talking GBE Accumulation Cap?

    Does anybody know if there's a GBE accumulation cap?

    Assuming Mega Crab comes the last weekend of May, we'll still have the GBE energy gain from the spiritdancer tribe. There's going a ton a GBE gained during MC from that boost (even maybe into the 4 digits)!

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    Im not sure. Ive seen over 200.
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    I've gotten in the range of 200-300 but usually the target is destroyed before then. Wonder how the crab theme will work with the GBE. Should be fun.

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    As far as I am aware, no upper cap.

    From what Drew has stated (see expect that whatever tribal boost are in affect at the start of Mega Crab will stay in effect until it ends for all players. That tells us then that yes, there is that possibility, or that MC will not begin until after the current cycle ends. Seeing this is an extended cycle, I am betting the first, we will have the GBE gain for MC.
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    Someone's already gotten to over 2700 GBE so no i don't think there's a cap its not the 1 but this is an example from Dr T
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    Why would there be a cap anyway?

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    Pretty sure trump wears a gbe accumulation cap
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    Iíve unleashed 10 barrages at the HQ so thatís 370 right there.

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    I for one would be ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off if gbe gain won't work during next crab or if it will be capped. Previous hasty crab was so much fun with super-speed troops. This one should be also fun with super-charged gbe.

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