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Thread: Sound Bug on Merchant man tent.

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    Sound Bug on Merchant man tent.

    Although It s not an serious issue but its a bit of a bug.
    Whenever you tap on any stuff in your base and immediately tap on the merchant mans tent you get the same sound that of the previous thing you tap. But if you tap on blank land and then touch the tent no sound comes.

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    Invisible Clan Games Glitch

    There's a well known glitch which involves the merchants tent, the builders boat or the clan games horse / firework / box where when you tap on a building (air defence for example), it's copies that sound when you tap on one of the previous mentioned buildings (so the horse makes a horse sound AND a air defence sound).

    But the odd thing I found is that even though the clan games space is empty at the moment, if you tap on a building then tap on the spot where the clan games box usually is, it still copies the sound. Basically, you tap an empty space, and a random firework sound plays.
    I know it's not a major glitch, in fact it's actually sadly amusing. Just sharing it with you. 😃

    Invisible clan games....?

    Your local PEKKA

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    the soundbug is long known issue.

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