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Thread: looking for a new neighborhood

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    looking for a new neighborhood

    i need a new neighborhood that is willing to help new players

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    Sent you a pm 😊

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    Hello Elise, we'd love to have you at StoneHaven. What level are you?
    Best Vibes Always
    Farm: Blake's Utopia
    Level: 96
    Neighborhood: StoneHaven Tag #: U28R82 (lvl 35 min)

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    We are a friendly neighborhood that takes all levels. There are not that many of us but we trade, fill boats, and complete all derby tasks. No rules outside of have fun and keep the chat friendly. Craigville Farms #9LJ0CLVU

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    Hello eliseclaire,
    We are looking for new members at the moment, Wonkey Donkey's # JJYPGRJ.
    All levels welcome, but derby entry is restricted to players over level 60 at the moment. However, if you are at a lower level than that we will help you as much as we can to level up.
    Apart from the derby, we don't have rules or restrictions. We are quite a relaxed nh really.
    Anyone can join, so if you think we might be what you are looking for, just drop in.
    Happy farming,

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    Hi there we have an ad running on neighbourhood recruitment, for our baby and beginners farm, no rules apart from, if not doing derby opt out, all levels welcome to join derby, no minimum task set so select whatever tasks you want to do, or just look for our hood.

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    Please join us! Vulj9gj! No crazy rules, looking for new members. Must play derby or opt out.

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    We are a small neighborhood of active, friendly, and helpful teammates. We are active in the derby every week - typically completing all 320/400 point tasks. We do buy 10th tasks from time to time, but that is definitely not a requirement. When there are bingo derbies we work together to coordinate the tasks to get 2-3 bingos out of it. Those who are active in the derby will be made elders to enable them to help keep the low point tasks cleared

    Whether you choose to play derby or opt out, you will always find the other team members to be helpful and friendly.

    If you want to check us out, come on over. We look forward to having you

    Neighborhood tag #80ur9gvq

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    Am new to hayday please help for how to play please please i want to learn this game eagerly

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