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Thread: Th9 looking for farming only clan

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    Th9 looking for farming only clan

    My id #908cor9pv PM me or reply here

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    Hey Satheesh,

    You can check out Thundercatz (Tag #9U99UP8P), if you are interested in Clan Games as well as farming. Always need active members who are willing to donate when possible, even if you don't war.

    We are rebuilding actually, our core group just reunited after some time in competitive war clans. We all wanted a more fun atmosphere and no need to bother with external apps or hyper specific attack times.

    Hope to see you, happy Clashing!

    - JB

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    The Swamp
    Hello Satheesh ... were not a farming only clan, but war is only required once a month (unless you visit another family clan until conclusion).

    Check us out ...

    MIGHTYBOW #R90VQRR - Level 13 International Clan
    Leader Cereal Killer #28YR9Y2GG


    Established 04/09/2014

    War Record since Rebirth: 82-34

    Last 10: 7-3

    Last 50: 35-15
    Best Win Streak
    : 12
    Current Streak: -1



    ✔️ MUST be Mature.
    ✔️ MUST speak ENGLISH.
    ✔️Hero Development is a MUST - strong heroes are essential for success.
    ✔️ MUST meaningfully participate in Clan Games.
    Participation in 4 Wars per season, and high clan activity is REQUIRED for consideration.

    ✔️LINE app RECOMMENDED for communications outside of clan chat.
    ✔️When you request troops, you MUST post a Friendly Challenge as well.


    Access to RECOMMENDED. Access to the MIGHTYBOW WAR ROOM on Line App RECOMMENDED, as they will be utilized for attack coordination and war planning in our larger wars.
    ✔️ Both attacks MUST be used.
    ✔️ ALL Heroes MUST be available.
    Only MAX troop donations for War.
    ✔️ ALL War Directives to be followed.

    ✔️ 50v50 ALL-IN WAR, with other members and friends of The Mighty Clan Family, the
    ✳️***Those with Real Life Obligations will be asked to join another Family Clan until conclusion.***✳️


    ✔️ TH8.5: BK10 | AQ5 (NO XBOWS)
    ✔️ TH9: BK10 | AQ10
    ✔️ TH10: BK30 | AQ30 (OR 60 COMBINED)
    ✔️ TH11: BK40 | AQ40 | GW10 (OR 90 COMBINED)
    ✳️NOTE: This is just a baseline for warriors, exceptions made for the right people.✳️

    If this interests you, request to join in-game with "CK Sent Me". You may also contact me
    through the Line App @ User ID: mightygator.
    Cereal Killer - Leader, Mightybow
    TH11 | LVL 177 | GW 20 | AQ 45 | BK 45
    alreeGator 2.0 - CoLeader, Mightysword
    TH9 | LVL 136 | AQ 21 | BK 20


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    Wiggy is recruiting active farmers.
    the link is our deal. we are war farmers and run stress free, no pressure, FWA type wars and farm loots from them.
    We are L10 perks clan, English speaking USA Based and always max games. we have fun we clash. we grind our bases up.

    check the link and see if we are a fit. if you apply in game put "From Forums" in your entry message.

    Thx n GL

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    Royal Champions #LOVOO9CO. Lvl 7 . Im rebuilding the clan, became leader last week and Im looking for serious Th9/10 players to help me rebuild the war log.
    Royal Champions is part of the Wolf Pack Family. 3 clans in total. We are a adult family, pop over and say hi 👋🏻. Please get in contact via discord. Ask for bigBUD/littleBUD

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    Im currently running a LEVEL 10 CLAN, we are looking for active players. We are a friendly, mostly UK and USA, mixed gender and ➡️ ADULT ONLY ⬅️ clan.

    We war constantly and ideally are looking for TH9 and above to help out in war, but you dont have to opt in every war.

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games usually within 48 hours, wed require you to do your best to help achieve that.

    Rules? We are looking for English speaking, loyal and active players who donate troops, use both attacks if in war and pull their weight in CG.

    Feel free to pop by and see if we are the right clan for you! Experienced and new players welcome.

    Clan tag is #8YC8PP88

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    Invictus Beasts wants YOU ! You just found you new home!

    About INVICTUS:
    - INVICTUS international-based clans consists of 5 Lv14- Lv15 sisters: Beasts, Lords, Kings, Nobles, Fire
    - All around the INVICTUS clans we WAR, DONATE, PUSH AND FARM!
    - The INVICTUS clans are home of many Gold Grab billionaires, MAXED TH11 players, Legends-Trophy pushers, High-Leveled clashers (Lvl 200 +), 3-star specialists and insane donators!
    - ALL the INVICTUS clans accept Guests/ Hoppers and donate them free 'troops' (WAM)!

    Clan requirements:
    - 25k+ Friend in Need (FIN)
    - [Th9/ Lv9 walls/ Lv15 AQ & Lv15 BK]
    - [Th10/ Lv9 walls/ Lv20 AQ & Lv20 BK]
    - [Th11/ Lv9 walls/ Lv25 AQ & Lv25 BK]

    Invictus Beasts is a Lv-14 international English-speaking based clans with clashers all-around the globe. You’ll find players of all age-groups, from USA- UK- India – Australia – Egypt and so on. We are a 100% Fair Play laid-back clan that farm, war, push and donate. It is home for active & mature clashers who want to play in fun and relaxed atmosphere. The clan chat is always chatty! There is always someone around for you to hang out and have a good and friendly conversation, no matter what time zone you are.

    Wars are done 24/7 and in a disciplined and organized way. Beasts has a War Team who take care of wars and its organization, to ensure wars are held as smoothly as possible. All our war attacks are done within 23 hours so that it doesn't leave any last-minute planning. Wars are OPTIONAL, you are more than welcomed to participate in clan wars whenever you feel like warring.

    Donations, Activity & Requests:
    Invictus Beasts has minimum 15,000 troops donated per day. Troops requests are swiftly filled around the clock. Invictus Beasts is strict on donations and the Leadership ensure that members fill exactly what is asked for and they do not ignore open requests. A huge advantage you'll get from us is that you can request AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. All Clashers in Beasts are daily-clashers and play the game on a regular basis. At a certain time-zone you’ll find at least 15 people online and clashing!

    The clan is being led by Cyprox Blade & Cos. Co-leaders are always around to monitor and supervise the clan members and are available for any Clash- related issues. You can always ask them for any advice as our Co-Leaders are experienced and hardcore clashers.

    Clan Rules:

    1: NEVER donate Barbs, Wbs, Gobs nor Healers unless it is written in the request.
    2: Donate what Guests specifically request for OR donate default: Wiz, Arch, Minions, ANY Spell
    3: Donate 4k troops each season. ALWAYS fill the requests above you. Try requesting as much troops as you can.
    4: Unless for War or FC, all requests MUST INCLUDE at least Wiz, Arch, Minion, Loons OR Giant. Always fill requests above you.
    5: Keep the chat clean, be polite and respectful. NO drama & immaturity.
    6: You can leave ONLY on the FIRST 2 days of new season (Visiting Days).
    7: We use LINE App for exterior clan & family communications.
    8: Wars are 24/7 & optional. Opt-in with ALL Heroes and follow guidelines on our LINE Group chat.

    Application to join:
    If this is the kind of home you are looking for, feel free to join us!
    You could either install LINE App and message our recruiters Elamouri or nomad999 or reply to this thread and applied in-game by mentioning ‘’From Forums’’. Clan-tag is - #8OQ2G8UC
    You can also apply on our official thread:

    If you have any further questions you can inbox our Forumers: CyproxBlade or CalicoTora
    or Elamouri.

    We hope to see you in our clan very soon !
    Good luck and Clash-on!
    Cyprox Blade - MAX TH11 - Lv217 - Clan Leader
    Invictus Beasts : Lv14 FairPlay farming/ donating clan - Optional relaxed wars - High donations - Th9+
    Apply in-game OR through LINE :
    Elamouri, nomad999
    Invictus clans:- Lords/Beasts/Fire/Nobles/Kings

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