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Thread: To nobody in particular since this is a community forum

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    To nobody in particular since this is a community forum

    Please solve the problem of the great cannon cart😂😂😂😂😂,
    that sucks is very much,
    it retargets target when destoyed/explosed
    there fore if any building have low hitpoint it did not shoot it it shoots other buildings,and giys you all know whats the importance of 1% (it can turn matches battles or even a war)
    with regards
    meet you in villages😎
    take care
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    Some say it's overpowered, some say it's underpowered, I think it's just fine the way it is.

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    If you are depending on it's last stand ability to win a battle, you're probably in trouble. It's next to useless. Not totally so but it's power is in the attack so keep it safe.

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    Well OP first of all welcome to the forums!! While here be sure to check out the many sub forums and I am sure you will find the Builder Base sub forum which is where your question would have been better suited..... Good luck though as I am sure there are many here who can help explain the CCarts behaviors as best as they can....

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    Why do you want a Pro Member? Here, have a Super Member like me! (It's clearly written under my forum name) Anyway, we aren't Supercell but player like you. I guess I'm fine with the way the Cannon Cart is.

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    Are there BB wars that I am missing out on? Trying to figure out how last stand ability effects a war...

    OP I have been frustrated with the last stand ability but almost as often the re-target actually HELPS me by picking on something it can destroy rather than the flamer with full health that will not go down in time
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    This has been discussed before, you might want to search.

    And as a CC user, its not a problem. It's literally like the 50th most annoying thing that happens in the BB. And most of the time it still works out.

    Like, i had an attack where i was at 98% and the only thing left was on the other side of a wall. The CC approaches it, gets flung by a push trap on the other side of that wall, a few squares away from that last target. What does that CC do? Not roll down the 6 squares to finish off that last target, but targets the wall it already targeted and starts shooting. Things like that need attention lol.

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    Why can't they adopt a point n click attack! When troops are acting daft, let us tap a target! I do it now, in hope the vibration of the rampant finger smashing on the target folowed by some choice harsh language may jedi mind trick the troop to attack it lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uggster View Post
    Why can't they adopt a point n click attack!
    Nah. This would make attacks too easy.

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    And the opposite is also true. If the cannon cart is hitting a Crusher with full health, when it dies and on last stand abilities, it might re target to another buildings with low hitpoints left.

    So it's 50:50 situation, sometimes it gives you wins and sometimes losses. It's fine the way it is because not every battles need to depends on those last stand attacks.

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