Nox Academy is a no-pressure learning clan that focuses on discussing and applying attack strategies in war. This clan is perfect for those who are new to Clash of Clans. It will be a place where you can learn how to 3-star bases and learn how to farm more efficiently while having fun along the way! Mini accounts are also welcome to grow here while sharing their wealth of Clash expertise with those who are just starting out.


  • Join our BAND group at https://band.us/@nox. We will be able to reply promptly to questions, you can check out our clan environment and view our strategy library here.
  • We also have a Discord server for the purpose of monitoring our wars, upgrades and achievements. We keep track of the official Clash of Clans Twitter and we maintain a feed of Clash videos uploaded by YouTubers. Ask a Co Leader to get the invite code if you want to keep track of your base progress and to get regular updates.