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Thread: Hacking Gearheart

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    Hacking Gearheart

    thank god!

    Finally a usefull ability to use against Gearheart.

    thanks drew and the team 😀😀

    ps: we want it back for the megacrab 🦀🦀🦀🦀

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    I too had fun hacking Lasers and DCs and stuff. Then send in the IZ pack for the kill. I've had quite a bit of fun in the last week or so with the RH and lobby cannon thingy. My map is cleaner than a babies butt.
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    Ive enjoyed the hack but Id rather have the cryobomb for the mega crab.

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    This Remote hack Gbe is great for Operations. How much longer are we to have this?

    it is perfect pairing with the Gbe gain Tribe boost. So well done with week’s selection.
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