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Thread: 50 Shades of Hay - Recruiting

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    50 Shades of Hay - Recruiting

    We are recruiting! We are looking for new active neighbours! We are a fun, friendly neighbourhood. A bit about us..

    - We are friendly and help as much as possible
    - Minimum 310 on reg derbys, and on special derby's we start out doing 400 then by thurs/fri if we feel necessary for total task completion we lower it to 320
    - Designated Facebook group
    - New members are elders upon arrival
    - 9 task mandatory, 10th is optional
    - It is not madatory to be "active", we just ask that you finish the 9 tasks or opt out if you foresee a busy week and think you will not be able to complete - NOW with that being said we all understand that life happens and there will be times when not all 9 will be completed or accidentally fail a task. You will not be kicked for this,

    feel free to drop by and see if we are a fit for you!

    We are called 50 Shades of Hay
    Tag: 8RLQR9LL

    Hope to see you soon!
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    Still lots of room! Come join before the next derby starts!

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