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Thread: Looking For Hood; Can Derby & contribute

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    Looking For Hood; Can Derby & contribute

    Play a good amount & Contribute Regularly lvl 43 usually have alot of items up for sale & used to the derby rules & not failing them for the most part

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    We are recruiting! We are looking for new active neighbours! We are a fun, friendly neighbourhood. A bit about us..

    - We are friendly and help as much as possible
    - Minimum 310 on reg derbys, and on special derby's we start out doing 400 then by thurs/fri if we feel necessary for total task completion we lower it to 320
    - Designated Facebook group
    - We are chatty, but our numbers have depleted a bit lately
    - New members are elders upon arrival
    - 9 task mandatory, 10th is optional
    - It is not madatory to be "active", we just ask that you finish the 9 tasks or opt out if you foresee a busy week and think you will not be able to complete - NOW with that being said we all understand that life happens and there will be times when not all 9 will be completed or accidentally fail a task. You will be kicked for this,

    feel free to drop by and see if we are a fit for you!

    We are called 50 Shades of Hay
    Tag: 8RLQR9LL

    Hope to see you soon!

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    🌾"Gone with the Wheat" 🌾
    Tag # POUC2P82
    is welcoming derby serious players 🙌
    Looking for -
    Team players only.
    Communication is a must Helpful, courteous and friendly.
    👿No rudeness or attitudes 👿 👉🏻leave them at the barn door 🚪 🚪 No exceptions.
    We do 320s and a tenth task. 400 in the higher point derbies.
    Adults only please & English speaking only.
    We have no limits on the request box...just ask that you try to give as often as you receive..
    We ask that you give a heads up when selling upgrade items before posting in paper.
    trades 🤝within the hood are always welcome and encouraged to help each other upgrade 😊
    Opting out is fine when needed.
    Tired of other players riding on your coattails and keeping you from placing? 🤔 come see us !
    We use the kik app for communicating 👍🏻
    Come see us to derby. USA 🇺🇸 based group.
    Any questions feel free to msg me on kik -Harley_in_Indiana
    Farm tag# 92R2CG29L

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    Hello aracnic! We'd love to have you at StoneHaven. We're very derby active and friendly. We don't have a ton of rules but just a general "do right" understanding that works well. We'd love for you to cone check us out and give our neighborhood a go!
    Best Vibes Always
    Farm: Blake's Utopia
    Level: 96
    Neighborhood: StoneHaven Tag #: U28R82 (lvl 35 min)

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    We are a friendly neighborhood. There are not that many of us but we trade, fill boats, and complete all derby tasks. No rules outside of have fun and keep the chat friendly. Craigville Farms #9LJ0CLVU

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    Hi there we have an ad running on neighbourhood recruitment, for our baby and beginners farm, no rules apart from, if not doing derby opt out, all levels welcome to join derby, no minimum task set so select whatever tasks you want to do, or just look for our hood.

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