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Thread: My friend's clan lost 41 to 41 in 15 man due to engineered extra town hall 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshsgrandad View Post
    In my opinion, and using this war to back it up, just because the oppo carries a pet engi 11, that doesn't mean that it will distort the outcome necessarily. If your bases are solid enough, then bring it on.
    In our recent experience the odd 'pet Engineered TH11' across the roster does not create advantages for our opponents as TH11 Offence matching has been pretty good recently.
    Not having the defence to back up your offensive power is probably not a good strategy these days.
    There will always be +1/-1 variables given the nature of the playing pool of clans available, but compared to the old days I think this is more than acceptable for the majority of clans!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galluccio View Post
    The team that has an extra TH 11 with full offensive abilities will absolutely crush 2 town hall 10s 95 percent of the time.


    It's not competition... it's unfair.
    a war where you both end on 41 and both leave 4 stars on the table doesnt seam like a huge mismatch, LOTs of the wars we fight have some degree of strength difference, as long as they competitive it tough to say Its unfair.
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    If your belief is that the other side had more th11 then everyone needs to upgrade to th11 based on your logic the problem is solved.
    If you're not smarter than the guy you're dealing with you lose.
    You failed to utilize the most effective strategy by not using the most available resources to affect your outcome.
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    How is a bad a match when the war came down to a tie breaker? Sounds like they were matched incredibly even.

    Also if you had not left 4 stars on the table you wouldn't be here complaining

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    As the final score was 41-41 it sounds like the matchmaker made a very even match.

    Examine the war. You will find other factors to blame for the loss. Was there a 90% one-star, a missed attack, a 49% attack with a slice over of health left on the town hall?

    If you are so certain that engineering is an advantage, try bringing your own engineers to the fight.
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