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Thread: Level 33 player looking for Neighborhood.

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    Smile Level 33 player looking for Neighborhood.

    Game break
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    Hello 🙂 We are currently a small neighborhood looking to grow. We love the derby and are helpful farmers! I'll post below our recruitment thread so you can get a feel of how we do things. If you'd like to give us a try, just let me know!

    Smile, you've found us! We are an active, helpful hood looking for active, helpful Neighbors. We love competing in the derby, so we would like Neighbors to be opted-in most of the time please 😊. All but one of our trophies are gold! We chat, we laugh, we joke, and we are supportive of each other. We are a pretty relaxed neighborhood, but in order to keep our Hood awesome, we do have a few rules.
    EASY-PEASY (but serious) RULES
    * Complete all 9 tasks ( 10th task is always optional - we never ask you to spend diamonds on anything)
    * Take tasks that are 290pts and up
    * Trash tasks that are lower than 290 (we also sometimes trash duplicate tasks or tasks that have sat on the board for too long)
    * Be helpful
    * For the bingo derby - completing a line is a bonus. Points for the derby will be our main goal.

    Please do not waste your time or ours if you cannot follow these rules. We will not tolerate Moochers.
    These are pretty simple rules so come give us a try! See you soon!!


    Find us by searching: The kingdom
    Or #P89UYGGU
    Green background with blue bat

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    Hi, my neighborhood, The Salty Spitoon is looking for members. The neighborhood was just started 2 days ago and were looking to do well in derbies to get up to the highest league.

    My friend and I just left a different neighborhood that was not very good and we're trying to build and a nice and relaxed, derby oriented hood.

    Our tag is #PPL8V2JU if you're interested! We already have 6 great members.

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    Hi there we have an ad running on neighbourhood recruitment, for our baby and beginners farm, no rules apart from, if not doing derby opt out, all levels welcome to join derby, no minimum task set so select whatever tasks you want to do, or just look for our hood.
    Tag is PP9JRYRQ. KFD BABY/BEGINNERS, (baby is second farms)

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    Hi there garden lady.
    Wonkey Donkey's are looking for new members of all levels. We are anyone can join.#JJYPGRJ.
    We do have derby rules and are quite serious players, but other than that, we don't really have rules. It is your farm to farm as you want.
    If you are interested just drop in.

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