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Thread: Game won't load

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    Game won't load

    I have been having problems for a few weeks now. Hayday won't load- and freezes while trying to load. Before the additional update- if i restarted my phone and went straight to Hay day app it would work, but has now stopped doing this since the update. I now have to put my phone on charge to get the game to work- no idea how this helps but it's the only way I can play at the moment. I have tried online support team who have now started ignoring my questions. I have tried uninstalling game and reinstalling. I have deleted data, apps and made extra storage. The game also doesnt work if i use my mobile data rather than Wi-Fi, which has also been suggested to me. None of these have worked.... any suggestions welcome. As currently my "mobile game" isn't so "mobile" if i have to plug it in to my charger

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    Similar problem galaxy s2 tablet.

    If I have been running multiple apps, then come back to hayday - loading usually freezes as the yellow bar reaches but does not pass the "i" in the word connecting.

    The problem started when Maggie the builder was added

    Restarting the tablet enables hayday to run.

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    I can't connect to hay day sometimes it works but more than not the loading bar gets to the I in connecting and hangs till I get a server time out. All my other games connect just fine, I even rebooted my router, uninstall the game and reinstalled it still cant connect.

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