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Thread: 12 hour war search..any point to

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    12 hour war search..any point to

    let it run ?
    if i restart will we be last in line again ?
    have any clan found a match after 12h ?

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    I thought it timed out before then. Iím clearly wrong though.

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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    I would stop it and start it again as longer the search run the more the chance of mismatch.

    The problem is ,why is it taking so long to find a match?
    Long war search is due to mostly due to
    1.Having an uncomon war roster.
    2.You have some heavily engineered bases in your clan and there are no suitable match at the time you are searching.Better to have no match than mismatch.Right?
    3.Having a wide gap in your roster like having some low fillers with heavy th11 up top.

    Best way to find fair and fast match is by having a balanced war roster with tight th spread.

    It would help if you could give your clan tag,so some of us can go there and find what the problem really is
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    Fighting Clan War.
    That happens to my clan some, just stop the search and maybe swap out some players for others to get a less broad spread of THs.
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    When you spin, you are looking for someone to be searching that runs a roster similar enough to yours in order to match.
    If you have a common break down, you should match fairly quickly, or at least within a few hours. If they took away the widening of search criteria, and you been waiting for 12 hours, then its unlikely that someone is going to fire up that will look like yourselves.
    So far as going to the back of the queue if you restart. I feel that the search is done randomly, from clan to clan. You are looking for a war match, not standing in the deli queue at morrisons. You could match before someone running the same roster even if they spun first, depending on where the MM is looking, in my opinion.
    I also noticed you start threads about matching, or rather lack of, fairly regularly. I am also inclined to think you run with th8-11. If you are continually having problems, and only do this fairly tight spread, then either the individual accounts, or numbers of each hall colour, are causing you ongoing issues.
    You should be looking to sort where the issues originate from, in house, as you appear to be trying similar things over, and getting the same results. Am just reading between the lines here, looking at previous threads started.
    It will help to look at other rosters, and get a feel for what a balanced roster looks like.

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    No point to stop and re-start for an atypical roster, unbalanced clan with engineered bases. Now if yours is balanced and has no engineers, then either you should have a match or need to adjust your spread.

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    Match now generally take longer, last war match for us was 18 hours, but I noticed that my opponent getting that match almost instantly, because I saw 1 of their member left the clan with the timer, so I can predict their search time

    Using similar roster our match can be as short as 40 mins, but usually about 2-6 hours, as engineered clan
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    I’d rather have a fair match up verses a fast match up.

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