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Thread: Lvl44: Honey Popcorn is a best-seller!!!

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    99% of what my level 27 farm is doing is buying cheap stuff from the DD, then reselling it at max .
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    Quote Originally Posted by EllunaHellen View Post
    99% of what my level 27 farm is doing is buying cheap stuff from the DD, then reselling it at max .
    I did that with my ‘baby’ farm. It’s amazing how easy it is to amass coins if you ignore the parts that give too much XP in the beginning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
    Momscar is spot on. There are so many products that need honey to make them (soup, 2 different icecream,sushi, honey lobster, honey salad,honey toast, honey tea.......) , and then the candles need wax, so take up valuable honeycomb. So yes lots of money for you at the moment and the joy of those that eagerly part with their gold for it and love you for selling honey popcorn, but as you level up you will need the honey for yourself.
    Not to mention the fact that both honey popcorn and honey apple cake require two honeys each, which I think is crazy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnK2015 View Post
    First of all, welcome GPUser to the Hay Day subforum. I don't enjoy dampening the enthusiasm of a player who made an exciting discovery about the game. And yes, honey popcorns are a bestseller in the shop because they are high in demand. I rarely see them in the shop. Based on my experience as a boat captain, I don't get help for honey popcorns when I flagged them. If I don't have them in stock or make enough by the time the boat arrives, I send it away.

    There's a drawback to focusing on making honey products. The hidden cost is getting enough axes to chop down the dead bushes or keep expanding land to put the dead bushes in a far corner. I play the town often and feed my pets daily to get gifts and I still need to ask hoodmates to sell axes to me.

    Something for you to consider.
    Hahaha don't worry; I already considered the cost of bushes and axes. Both are relatively cheap, and axes can be found in the town, as you said.

    Anyways, my steady source of income now is not Honey Popcorn... it's Strawberries ;D

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