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My question was genuine so thank you for the reply. I have been running a very large hood for over 3 years, so itís not easy to understand the matching problems for a single player. We have 25-30 out of 30 opted in every week, so it doesnít much matter who we draw, they are similar in size and levels. I can understand how the mismatch you describe would be irritating. Given the problems SC have balancing other areas of the game, I canít see any way they can take such factors into account when derby matching.

At my age the opportunity for being competitive in contact sports is gone, so my competitive spirit channels into everything else LOL.
I am not holding my breath expecting them to do something about it, or even acknowledge matchmaking can be really unfair for some players.
I only had one bad experience with a neighborhood but being a MMO player past 17 years, I know quite well how annoying such gamer groups can be, frankly I have no patience to deal with leeches and drama queens anymore.
That is why I was fine playing alone, until I tried derby. When I got up to the champions league I was appalled at the number of lvl 150s+ being a single derby opted player in full neighborhood with a lot of gold trophies... doesnít take much to conect the dots. I just hit 60, am a new player and I was looking forward to try that game feature but it only felt like I got slapped in the face. I wont do derby anymore and consequently I am not going to spend any real money on the game with such matchmaking system.

I am not a spring chicken myself but I enjoyed Tera battlegrounds and TSW quests as a gaming challenges. Right now I am tied to the iPad for a while though so playing mobile games heh.