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Thread: Need active neighborhood english speaking

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    Need active neighborhood english speaking

    need best active english speaking hood and must be active

    -I AM active player level 44
    -NH must me active,helpful everytime
    -I AM too active
    -I need only NH who is in champion league
    -also do derby

    waiting for your reply

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    brand new neighborhood level 20 plus
    boulderdash is name of neighborhood.
    We are rookie league.
    Right now derby requires 5 task.
    Only rules are be helpful and respectful.
    Always complete 5 tasks or opt out if busy that week.

    New neighborhood so you will come in on ground floor.
    English speaking and anyone can join as long As level 20 or higher.

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    Farm Fest is a brand new hood- started April 30th- and we are working our way up to champs! We have 1 more spot available! We are all very active and friendly and very chatty! We have no level requirements! Derby is optional but each week when opted in its a different amount of points and task needing done! Hood tag is # P9VCGRCL feel free to come and give us a try!

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    sorry i cant join you yournh is inactive i need active nh

    still looking for nh

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    Wonkey Donkey's #JJYPGRJ

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    �� Miss Behaving Spank It !

    Yes..that's the hood name! Hood TAG #8LPVC2RV No outside communication required.

    310 or up
    Champ League.

    We love to win!
    Everyone is elder here, trash trash trash!

    Looking for a solid friendly helpful dependable team? You found it!

    Competitive international hood looking for friendly helpful members --- We currently have levels up to 151. 26 strong, we are seeking only a few more players. Come see what competitive team work is all about.

    No dictators here, we have a few rules to make the hood run smooth.

    RULES: Finish all tasks at 310 or up, no exceptions. Theme derby is 350 or Up. Offer help when you can. Help keep the board up. No required outside communication.

    Slackers are removed from the hood promptly! Non stop chat is not required nor desired, but friendly and helpful are expected.

    Hood TAG #8LPVC2RV
    Hood TAG #8LPVC2RV. Hood Name - Miss Behaving Spank It. We do 310 up, no crazy drama, just friendly helpful farmers!

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