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Thread: Help with forum

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    Help with forum

    How do I attach a pic or gif in the my message?I'm able to attack a link,But I want it to be seen by the people,not people to see them(I want it to be on display and not people to click on a link to view them)

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    You need to use an app that generates a forum B.B. code when you upload it an image, then paste that code in your forumpost here. I use tinypic personally but I’m sure there are other good ones out there.
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    My prefrence is to use

    Fast, free, and simple.

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    In my signature are links to threads explaining how to use these 2 advised sites (imgur and tinypic)...

    Comments: imgur works best on a laptop, but the iOS app has a different display than the website and does not provide the BB codes for a forum (or at least I could not find them),
    tinypic does not have an app, and is only a browser site, so it displays its windows always the same, independent of the device you use, so it became my favorite recently.

    Also, since sometimes the picture you want to post is not correct in size, or else, you can use for some basic adjustments.

    Last, here is a thread specific for 'animated gifs' as they require a bit more 'work' with the BB code when the source is from a search engine result.

    Example of a gif:

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